Ward 5 Nashua – Vote November 8th!

When elected I pledge to protect and uphold citizens’ fundamental rights and personal freedoms.

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About Claudette

My family and I love New Hampshire and are proud to call the Granite State our home. We have lived in Nashua for just shy of 20 years and have been fortunate to develop meaningful relationships within our community. I am passionate about learning about people and their backgrounds because everyone’s story is unique. I am not a politician by any stretch of the imagination; I am a mom looking to help shape a brighter future for our children.

CLAUDETTE’S Priorities

Fiscal Responsibility

I support limited government spending in line with a balanced budget and low taxes, and I would oppose both a state income tax and a sales tax.

Parental Rights

Parents are capable of deciding what their child(ren) need(s). They should have full autonomy in the raising of their children.

Law Enforcement

I have the utmost respect for our law enforcement officers. They are dedicated to serving our communities, and put their lives at risk every single day. As your elected representative, I will work to ensure that they have the funding they need and the support they deserve.


We need to focus on the needs of our senior citizens, ensuring services for their physical, emotional and mental health needs. Our aging population deserves better opportunities for social connections and improved access to healthcare through enhanced community partnerships.









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